Applied Piezo: Applications

Piezoelectric materials are used in numerous applications.

The direct piezoelectric effect is used in e.g.

  • generators (e.g. gas igniters)
  • sensors (e.g. accelerometers, pressure sensors)
  • switches (e.g. in control panels)
  • ultrasonic transducers (e.g. in medical imaging)

The indirect piezoelctric effect is used in e.g.

  • actuators (for micropositioning, micropumps, microvalves)
  • motors (e.g. inchworm motors, SAW motors)
  • speakers, buzzers (e.g. in mobile phones)
  • ultrasonic transducers (e.g. sonar)

A combination of the direct and the indirect piezoelectric effect is found inPiezo Active Lens Mount (foto: Job van Amerongen

  • active vibration control (e.g. active damping)
  • smart structures (e.g. active shape control)
  • voltage transformers
  • quartz oscillators (e.g. for timing in microelectronics)