Applied Piezo: Research

Applied Piezo stimulates knowledge development and innovation. There is a good relation with universities and several (inter)national organisations that are active in the field of piezo technology.

Specificaly we are the managing organisation of the SmartPie program. This 5 year research program focussus on:

Integrated Manufacturing of piezo systems

The technology transfer to be developed under this program would result in piezo systems made via alternative and integrated production routes. We will concentrate on thin film systems via a silicium technology route, post formable systems via polymer injection and or blow moulding and robust systems via metal forming technology. This to bring together academic specialist in all the technology fields from all three technical universities as well as TNO and strong Dutch SME’s with identifiable new product applications.

Novel piezo applications for high tech systems

The focus on application aspects will not only result in new applications, but also deliver a set of mechanical -, measurement - and control design principles to be used in various other systems. The application research will be concentrated around Vibration Control in precision equipment and touch-based Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) and User Interfaces (UI).

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